One set of Matched electrode NCM - C single side with 3mAh per cm square

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One set of Single Sided capacity matched cathode and anode consisiting of one Lithium Manganese Cobalt Nickel Oxide (NCM) battery electrode coated on Aluminum foil and one Carbon anode coated on Copper foil. These electrode materials and electrodes were prepared on the manufacturing line to produce acutal commercial batteries. Cathode have a dimension of (41 x 118)mm while the anode (41x119)mm.

  • Cathode dimension: (41x118)mm
  • Anode dimension: (41x119)mm
  • Cathode Substrate: Aluminum
  • Anode Substrate: Copper foil
  • Storage: Dry atmosphere
  • Cathode Porosity: 20%
  • Anode Porosity: 20%
  • Active material loading: 3mA/cm.sq.
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