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Welcome to Electrodes and more.  We have over thirty years of experience with Batteries and Fuel Cells.  We offer variety of battery R&D equipment, battery and fuel cell related materials and components.  Our objective is to serve the R&D community around the world to provide the necessary standard and hard to get components and custom quickly to accelerate their research activities. 

Since we have many different products one of the best way to find is to use the search option on the top of this page.

We work with leading R&D institutions around the Globe to provide quality products.  Researchers in these areas no longer have to wait weeks or months to get their products.  We also offer custom development of materials, electrodes, catalysts, membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) etc.,

We also offer Contract Research in a variety of areas in batteries and fuel cells through our partners.

If you do not see a particular component in our list of products feel free to fill the Custom Request form and we will contact you shortly. 

We will be adding more and more products going forward based on the request from our customers.  

Since we have number of differnt products, we recommend using the search option on top of this page.

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