Compact electrode film coater

  • Compact electrode film coater
  • Compact electrode film coater
  • Compact electrode film coater


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NSY-UNI-250-110 is a compact electrode film coater with adjustable micrometer vacuum chuck and heater. This unit has adjustable variable speed controller to provide required thickness uniformity and consistent coating. Oil less vacuum pump helps to hold the substrate in place to yield uniform thickness. The heater with adjustable termperature on the top (upto 200 C) to help the film dry at different rates. This will be a big help when one works with different materials with variying particle size and loading. In addition to battery electrode coating this can also be used for ceramic film coating.


  • Input votlage: 110 V
  • Single Phase
  • Maximum Power: 2400 watts
  • Speed: 0-100 mm/sec
  • Coating length: 10 - 250 mm
  • Coating width 15 mm
  • Heater accuracy: 1 C
  • Included Doctro-blade: 100 mm
  • Weight: 110 Lbs
  • Lead time: 4 to 8 weeks
  • Optional : 220V AC input available

Vendor Electrodesandmore

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